Top Dental Clinic: Implant Dentistry in Belmont, MA

If you want to receive premium dental care, from general to cosmetic, implantology dentistry in Belmont, MA, and more, you can do so under a single place and name: Seraderian Dental Group. For more than two decades, we’ve assisted residents of all ages in Middlesex County to achieve and maintain no less-than-perfect smiles.

Our clinic is run by experts whose knowledge is constantly evolving, along with our technology, with the results remaining the same: superior. Schedule a visit to our clinic to receive any of our first-grade treatments:

Implantology & Restorative Dentistry

Seraderian Dental Group is the leading clinic for implant dentistry in Belmont, directed by Dr. Vatche Seraderian, who is trained and certified in implant surgery as well as full mouth reconstruction and with a background in restorative dentistry. All his expertise will be put into restoring your smile through the following treatments:

Cosmetic Dentistry

Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Vatche Seraderian’s expertise extends to innovative cosmetic dentistry solutions. When visiting our clinic, you’ll get a custom and precise experience through cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals for all of our solutions, which include the following:

General Dentistry

Our team and experience are vast, just like the dental solutions we offer at our clinic, certified by the American Dental Association. From regular care to restorative treatments, we give you holistic care under a comprehensive and painless approach. We assist you with the following:

Exams & Facial Esthetics

We care for our patient’s well-being beyond dental solutions through complementary exams and facial esthetic solutions. Certified by Botox® by Allergan along with other cosmetic fillers, and housing innovative technology, we provide accurate diagnosis and results of the following:


If you want the best smile, you need the best treatment. If you’re struggling with orthodontic issues, our team, members of the Massachusetts and Middlesex County Dental Society, can appoint and administer the best solution, whether that is Invisalign or other orthodontic treatment. Learn more about your options!

Orthodontics services seraderian

Get The Care You Deserve

Through 30 years, we’ve consistently provided high-quality general, restorative, cosmetic, and implantology dentistry in Belmont. Our long-standing patients, who have been with us for the same amount of time, know that success is guaranteed, and it is for every person we receive in our modern clinic.

Our top services are brought to you at competitive prices in a pleasant environment. Tending to your needs is our number one priority, which is why you can schedule any treatment, such as implantology dentistry in Belmont, and more, 24/7. Book your appointment at (617) 489-1215 today!