Bio Laser Therapy

Having your teeth stained can bring you down and prevent you from showing your beautiful smile. There are many options patients can find these days for teeth whitening. To some, the home kits or DIY treatments are their option to see instant results, but they won’t stay long term. To others, bleaching their teeth is too intimidating and out of reach with people who experience tooth sensitivity.

It looks like you always have to sacrifice something to get the perfect smile. However, bio-laser therapy is here to make whitening your teeth accessible.

If you have manifested hesitation about going to the dentist and have your teeth whitened, think again. At Seraderian Dental Group, we have and administer revolutionary teeth whitening technology through bio laser. We’ll touch on every aspect of bio-laser therapy below.

Meet The Treatment:

At our clinic, we provide the Biolase bio laser therapy. This in-office method should only be executed by a professional. Just like the name suggests, it works with laser technology. The reason we recommend it to patients is because of its amazing benefits. Bio laser therapy makes teeth whitening comfortable and effective:
Bio Laser Therapy

Quick & Immediate Results

We all like to obtain results in the shortest time frame. The bio laser process only takes 20 to 30 minutes, depending on how many teeth you are whitening. Results will be seen right away, with six to nine shades whiter!

Long-Term Success

It wouldn’t make sense to get excited about your results if they fade quickly, but with bio laser, it’s different. After 48 hours with the proper care, you can experience additional whitening. If you keep this up, results can last for up to two years.

Not Aggressive

You’d think that such excellent results could come at the cost of something. However, you won’t experience any pain through the procedure. Bio laser is also known for lessening tooth sensitivity. If you are a patient who suffers from this, bio laser can be a viable option for teeth whitening. You can consult with your dentist. The healing process is also very comfortable.

Tailored procedures

Other teeth whitening methods tackle all teeth at a time. On the other hand, bio laser is a tooth by tooth method, so you can choose to apply it only to some of your teeth that are stained instead of everything. Bio laser also treats certain stains that other methods won’t.

Best Value

If you are interested in bio-laser therapy, we invite you to discuss it with your dentist. At Seraderian Dental Group, we can offer a consultation and provide bio-laser whitening. We always provide you with the best solution based on your needs to achieve your desired smile while ensuring safety and comfort. Make your consultations today!