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Oral health and confidence go hand in hand. When you struggle with an oral health condition, it affects more than just your teeth. Furthermore, it interferes with your well-being.

Cosmetic issues can be the ones that affect your confidence most, and thankfully, there are many cosmetic dentistry options to help. Still, selecting a treatment to address your cosmetic dental issues can make you feel uncertain without the right guidance.
You want to make sure these will solve the problem effectively but won’t interfere with or alter your oral health. Because of this, at Seraderian Dental Group, we not only administer but also inform our clients about these solutions.

On this page, you’ll learn how our teeth bonding in the Boston Metro area can help you restore your dental health and confidence. Learn more about our Belmont clinic below!

Which Problems Can Dental Bonding Fix?

Teeth bonding can be known by many names, such as dental bonding, cosmetic bonding, and even composite bonding. Despite that, they all refer to the same treatment, which consists of applying a tooth-colored resin, called composite resin, to the teeth and sculpting it to correct certain issues.

Although this procedure is most commonly used for filling cavities, it can also be used to improve the following cosmetic defects:

Decayed teeth
Misshapen teeth
Receding gums
Gaps between teeth
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The Composite Bonding Process

At Seraderian Dental Group, we specialize in a painless approach to dentistry, and thankfully, tooth bonding is a simple, fast, painless, yet effective alternative.

There’s not a lot of preparation needed for it. Anesthesia is usually skipped unless a decayed tooth is getting filled or the work that needs to be done is near a nerve.

After the teeth are assessed, we’ll proceed to select a composite resin that’s closest to the color of your natural teeth, which is the bonding material, and mold it to the desired shape. Once applied, the resin is hardened so it adheres to the tooth’s surface.

Lastly, we polish the resin so that there are no lumps bothering you. As a result, you’ll end up with seamless bonding that looks natural and enhances your natural smile without damaging your tooth enamel.

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How Will Seraderian Dental Group Help You?

Teeth bonding can solve various issues for various patients, but we want to provide a personalized solution to your individual needs. Although simple, its effectiveness lies in technique and your satisfaction in getting the best attention. At Seraderian Dental Group, we secure premium teeth bonding in the Boston Metro area through the following:

Cutting-Edge Technology

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are constantly evolving to provide the best aesthetic appeal without compromising comfort or safety. We offer the best cosmetic treatments with the best dental technology at our clinic.

Distinguished Expertise

We administer certified dental care in the Boston Metro Area, recognized by the American Dental Association, the Middlesex County Dental Society, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

30 Years of Experience

We have more than three decades of experience in the field and have carried out the cosmetic dentistry practice with utmost precision and dedication. We continue to expand our knowledge and, with that, your possibilities.

Areas We Serve

To receive our premium teeth bonding in Boston and the Metro Boston Area, you can visit our Belmont clinic. Our comprehensive staff will ensure your comfort from the moment you call. Below are some of the many areas we tend to:

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