Dental Bridges in Belmont, MA

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Do you have missing teeth? Dental bridges can solve that issue. Similar to dentures, bridges replace gaps in your smile with artificial teeth. Bridges can be made from a variety of materials including porcelain, gold, and alloys.


Bridges can be removable or fixed. Removable bridges can be taken out and cleaned by patients, whereas fixed bridges have to be removed by a dentist. Bridges can be implanted in the jaw or under the gums. With so many options, it is important to consult with your dentist about which type of bridge is best for you.

You should always keep your current teeth healthy and strong, but a bridge can help if you do lose teeth. If you’re looking for dental bridges in Belmont, we show you everything you need to know about them below!

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Traditional bridges

Traditional brides are false teeth held in place by dental crowns that have been bonded onto the dental abutment. This is the most popular type of bridge for lost teeth restoration. They’re used when there’s natural teeth or implants on either side of the gap left by the missing tooth.

Cantilever bridges

The cantilever dental bridge is also held in place by a dental crown, however, it’s used when there’s only one tooth available to support the missing teeth. It’s mainly used for frontal teeth.

Maryland Bridges

Maryland bridges use a framework of metal or porcelain that is then bonded onto the back of the abutment teeth. One of the main benefits of Maryland bridges is that we’ll only need to make a small adjustment to the contour of the abutment teeth.

Implant Supported

Like the name suggests, these types of bridges use dental implants instead of crowns and frameworks. These bridges provide proper spacing so you can easily clean between the implants making them easy to maintain.

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