Orthopantomogram: Better Diagnostics

At Seraderian Dental Group, we use orthopantomogram x-ray, specifically the Orthopantomograph ® OP300, for accurate and convenient dentistry. We will go more in-depth about it so you can see how suitable it is for you.

Orthopantomogram diagnostic

What Is an Orthopantomogram?

An orthopantomogram (OTG) is an x-ray with a panoramic view, meaning it shows all the upper and bottom jaw teeth in a single image. The concept is straightforward, but it can also have multiple uses and advantages, which we’ll show ahead..
The Orthopantomograph OP300

The Orthopantomograph OP300

At Seraderian Dental Group, we count on state-of-the-art technology regarding OTG, like the Orthopantomograph ® OP300. The main disadvantages of a regular OTG can be poor diagnostic quality or images. Still, we eliminate those by using this OTG platform. We can provide more accurate diagnoses thanks to straightforward imaging protocols, Automatic Dose Control, and Low Dose Technology.

Why We’ve Chosen This Technology?

At Seraderian Dental Group, we provide integral dental solutions, and an orthopantomogram helps us do exactly that. Because it is a panoramic x-ray of the upper and lower jaw altogether, it gives us an overall view of dentition. This view allows us to make an accurate evaluation of it accordingly.

The orthopantomogram will help us detect related pathology to the jaw and bones. For instance, it can include:

Intraosseous (within the bone) pathology
Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
Position impacted teeth

Injuries in your face, teeth, or jaw (maxillofacial trauma)
Developmental disturbances

Why Should You Opt For It?

An orthopantomogram can be used to examine your overall dental health. Still, it is also performed on three main occasions:
  1. If you will have orthodontic treatment.
  2. To detect wisdom teeth.
  3. To examine your jawbone.
There are other benefits of an orthopantomogram apart from what we have discussed. In the end, they all benefit the patients:
orthodontic treatment

Non-intrusive and painless

The OPG is comfortable, it isn’t an intrusive method, and you will experience no pain at all. No pain is crucial for us as we specialize in pain-free dentistry.


An OPG uses relatively less radiation than regular x-rays.


Taking an orthopantomogram is a rapid procedure.

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