Regular Exams and Cleanings

Having a perfect smile, protecting your natural teeth, and ensuring good long-term oral health isn’t hard at all. It is a matter of sticking up with your regular exams and cleaning. As dentists, we can’t stress enough how vital regular or deep dental cleaning is for your oral hygiene.

Just like our integral solutions at Seraderian Dental Group, we assist you with teeth cleaning in Belmont & the Greater Boston area, which can tackle many things at once:

Dental Cleanings
Dental cleaning

Routine Dental Cleaning

Listening to your dentist on the best type of cleaning for you is always best. Some people may require a deeper cleaning than others. Every six months is good to get a teeth cleaning in Belmont.

After proper diagnosis, we will do dental cleaning if you don’t have any worse issues like gum infection or bone loss. During the process, plaque and tartar are removed, and then the teeth are polished, flossed, and fluoride is applied. Routine cleaning helps with the following:

  • It Prevents gum disease, cavities, and other teeth problems
  • Mild treatment for gingivitis
  • It gives you better knowledge on how to maintain your oral hygiene at home.
  • It Eliminates bad breath
  • It helps you take care of your oral health.

Deep Dental Cleaning

Suppose you are experiencing severe tartar buildup, gum infection, or even bone loss. In that case, your dentist might determine a deep cleaning is needed. Additionally, deep cleaning is the way to go if you haven’t gotten your teeth cleaned for a while. This particular cleaning aids with:

  • Eliminating disease-causing bacteria
  • Preventing tooth loss
Regular exams and teeth cleaning go together because they help with your teeth’ upkeep. It will also detect any issues to treat them on time, preventing diseases and problems from aggravating. Scheduling a regular exam and teeth cleaning in Belmont with experts will save you time, money, and unnecessary damage to your smile.
Deep Dental Cleaning

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At Seraderian Dental Group, we have comprehensive solutions for you, including teeth cleaning in Belmont & the Greater Boston area. Book an appointment today!