Root Canals

We Can Rescue Your Teeth!

When fillings don’t work, you shouldn’t lose hope at all. Our array of dental services guarantees you can get a solution for whatever tooth problem you are suffering.

When you have an infected, decayed, or tooth affected by blunt force trauma, you can get a root canal. Root canals are the perfect solution to repair and save your teeth for these cases.

You can visit our clinic to get a root canal in Belmont & the Greater Boston area. Call (617) 489-1215 to book an appointment today!

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A Glance Into The Procedure

A root canal consists of applying anesthesia correctly, removing the dead never from the affected tooth, and sealing it to prevent an infection or abscess from forming around the tooth.

Our procedure at Seraderian Dental Group implements innovative technology and solutions, quality materials, and the best specialists from start to end.

When you trust us, you are guaranteed superior care and comfort for your root canal in Belmont. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get assistance

Bye, Bye Pain!

A root canal can be remedying for your teeth, eliminating pain from a damaged tooth and preventing this from spreading. The long-term success of a root canal procedure can vanish pain forever. However, the pain you could experience before, during, or after it is a sign of a poorly done root canal.

If you want to avoid pain at all costs, it may not be effective at the expense of your oral health. Waiting a lot to get a root canal can aggravate tooth decay or infections. If they reach your gums, it is even more painful and causes swelling and discomfort.

We know you don’t want to experience pain, and neither would we! As experts in pain-free dentistry, we follow every excellent practice and method to save you the pain without having to jeopardize your teeth health.

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A root canal won’t cause a fuss when trusted by experts like Seraderian Dental Group. For consulting or scheduling an appointment for a root canal in Belmont, contact us today!