Seraderian Dental Group provides critical care for your oral health. Prevention of common teeth problems is just as crucial as repairing them. With approved oral health methods, you can optimize it. Dental Sealants, for example, is a method that provides long-lasting protection for your teeth. Smile without worries about tooth decay and cavities with us. Schedule an appointment today!
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Dental Sealants

About Dental Sealants

Dental sealant is a plastic coating on top of your teeth. Instantly, when applied, your tooth becomes smoother by getting rid of any rough edges, depressions, or grooves. Since your tooth’s surface is naturally irregular, these nooks and crannies can trap germs and food that are hard to eliminate. With time, they develop cavities and tooth decay. The most common place to apply a dental sealant would be the back of the teeth, where it is tough to reach, even for someone who brushes their teeth regularly. For the youngsters, applying a dental sealant can be of much help. You can take your and your child’s oral health one step further. With dental sealants, instead of repairing damage, you are preventing it. The American Dental Association (ADA) assures that dental sealant is safe for children and adults. At Seraderian Dental Group, we apply dental sealants for patients of all ages. Make any consultation today!

About Our Procedure

Nothing makes us more pleased than helping you take care of your smile and watching you smile with confidence. At Seraderian Dental Group, we are focused on pain-free dentistry. Dental sealant is a pain-free method! In four simple steps: cleaning, etching, rinsing & drying, and finally sealing, your teeth will be shielded. Quickly and without hassle, you will have stronger teeth, and you can be confident they’ll be able to withstand daily wear and tear.
About Our Procedure

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