Sport Guards

Dental health is also a matter of preventative actions. You may get teeth damage from diseases and physical trauma, which may happen during certain high-impact activities like sports. There are several situations in which sports guards are the right choice for you:

You practice high-impact sports

As we mentioned, some sports are high-impact, and one directed to your mouth or jaw could knock some teeth off. Repairing this damage poses a higher cost, which is why we recommend investing in solid sports guards.

You wear braces

Wearing braces may seem like an obstacle to practicing your favorite sports. Don’t worry. Sports guards allow you to do it safely, protecting both your teeth and braces.

You clench your teeth during games

Clenching your teeth can give you several issues, from headaches and other pain to even tooth damage, gum recession, and more. If you find you clench your jaw while playing a sports game, you should use sports guards to avoid these problems.
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Will Sports Guards Really Protect You?

Absolutely. Sports guards are made of durable and resistant materials that can stand impact. Many people overlook them in their gear, but it is one important item that could save you from unpleasant and permanent damage to your teeth. Sports guards also protect the jaw, cheeks, and mouth. Apart from protection, sports guards are also comfortable to use. They are created by taking an impression of your teeth so that they adjust to your mouth and provide a perfect and secure fit.

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