Whether you are experiencing problems or want to care for your oral health, at Seraderian Dental Group, we take dental care to the next level. When you visit our dental clinic, you can expect no less than premium services, thanks to:

  • Over three decades of experience: We have maintained the highest quality standards throughout all these years. We have remained up-to-date with our techniques and procedures. Our expertise is extensive, and so is what we can do for you.
  • Cutting-edge technology: Our dental clinic houses top-of-the-line diagnostic tools administered by our skilled team. You’ll be provided with the most innovative treatments, carefully handpicked to suit your needs best.
  • Comprehensive approach: We believe that not only results are essential. Your experience overall is too. We provide a comfortable ambiance for our patients and implement personalized and painless dentistry.

We serve patients in Belmont, Arlington, Cambridge, Lexington, Bedford, Concord, and The Greater Metro Boston area. You are welcome at our dental clinic!

Superior Dental Clinic in Belmont

When you opt for Seraderian Dental Group, you receive a five-star service right when you walk through the door of our dental clinic. 

It all starts with getting to know you, your particular concerns, and your goals for your smile. We then follow with an accurate diagnosis. That will be your first examination with x-rays. From there, we discuss your options to come up with and execute tailored solutions for you.

Everything dental service you need is in a single place. Our dental clinic harbors top-of-the-line solutions, from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry and much more. Rest assured, you’ll receive optimum and integral care here. Here is our vast service catalog:

Dental Care & Treatments


Cosmetic Treatments

Teeth Protection

With Seraderian Dental Group, you can achieve whatever goals you have for your smile. Our goal is to give you a happy, healthy mouth that you can be proud of with the latest technology. We can work together and obtain fantastic results. Make your consultations today!