Here at Seraderian Dental Group, we are proud to offer top-of-the-line dental bonding for our patients in Belmont and the Greater Boston Area. As a group of passionate dentists, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of dental care along with friendly, compassionate service.

Dental bonding, also known as tooth bonding, cosmetic bonding, and composite bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure where a tooth colored plastic or composite material is applied to a patient’s tooth. This application is then sculpted and using a special light, the material hardens and bonds the material to the tooth.

Tooth bonding is used to improve a patient’s smile. It can be used on cracked and decaying teeth, to fill small cavities since they’re more natural looking than silver fillings. It can also be used to change the shape and size of your teeth so you have a more uniform smile. Cosmetic bonding is also commonly used for receding gums by protecting the exposed teeth. Additionally, you can close small gaps between your teeth with dental bonding.

If you have any questions about cosmetic bonding or you need to be seen by one of our dentists, feel free to contact us today at (617) 489-1215.

Achieve a gorgeous smile with cosmetic bonding

Having a chipped tooth, big gap, or tooth discoloration can make us feel self-conscious. Instead of dealing with confidence problems, get a simple, fast yet effective procedure that will make you feel proud of your smile. 

There’s not a lot of preparation needed for tooth bonding, making it a fast, and mostly painless,  procedure. Anesthesia is usually skipped, unless a decayed tooth is getting filled or the work that needs to be done is near a nerve. We’ll then select a composite resin that’s closest to the color of your tooth. The resin is molded to the desired shape, hardened, and polished. As a result, you’ll end up with seamless bonding that looks natural and enhances your natural smile.