Oral HPV is a condition that you shouldn’t ignore. The biggest problem with it is that, although treatable, it can turn cancerous and is hard to detect. Because of this, early diagnosis is key to combating it and its adverse effects. Although often complicated, it isn’t impossible to do this. It is even less when you have the proper guidance and care for your oral health. Seraderian Dental Group helps with both aspects through this blog, in which we’ll show you how to detect HPV symptoms in the mouth. Read on.
HPV Symptoms In Mouth

What Is Oral HPV?

Human papillomavirus or HPV for short is a virus that affects the back of the mouth or throat. While it is usually harmless and it goes away on its own, it is often feared because, in some people, it can cause oropharyngeal cancer. When the infection is present, you can’t notice, and there is also no way of telling when it is there. Although it may pass, if any HPV symptoms in the mouth show up, it is primarily because it evolved into throat cancer and should be addressed immediately.

Signs Of Oral HPV

Much like any virus, anyone can get oral HPV. Still, you are more prone to have it if you have had oral sexual activity with multiple partners or are a smoker. It also could be due to DNA, as we see this condition more in men.  Prevention is the first step to keep it from worsening and turning into throat cancer, especially for those who are more at risk. Checking in frequently to dismiss or detect HPV symptoms in the mouth will help you do so. It is good to watch out even if they don’t show up as you may be asymptomatic, and treat it on time. If you happen not to be asymptomatic, how do you know if you have oral HPV? We show you what oral HPV symptoms you should stay on alert for:


The virus typically sets in the tonsil and the back of the throat. Therefore, hoarseness is one of the most common HPV symptoms in the mouth. To ensure the hoarseness isn’t caused by anything else, see for a reasonable time (3 to 4 weeks) to see if it goes away. If it doesn’t, or it appears suddenly, see a professional.

Sore Throat, Pain & Difficulty When Swallowing

The same goes for a sore throat or pain when swallowing. After waiting for 3 to 4 weeks, something might be off, and you’d have to get an oral HPV test.

Voice Changes

If you haven’t been straining your voice or ditched the possibility of a cold or allergy, a voice change could be one of the HPV symptoms in the mouth.

Additional Symptoms

Some people may experience earaches, sudden weight loss, lesions on the tonsil, and swollen lymph nodes.

Diagnosing Oral HPV/strong>

The best way to detect HPV symptoms in the mouth is through oral HPV testing. It is good to dismiss any worries, mainly because it is treatable even when you’ve developed the infection. 

Still, you can’t get proper assistance if you don’t detect it. To be safe, recur to a professional that provides certified oral HPV testing, which we do at Seraderian Dental Group. 

We partner with Oral DNA Lab to get you the most accurate diagnosis. If you require a test, contact us today!

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