We are proud to offer full arch replacements.

There are many reasons to decide to get a full arch replacement. Many people seem to lose a lot of teeth as they age for many reasons including decay, disease, and even injury. However, a full arch replacement doesn’t just improve your smile. It also improves the way that your face looks.

Without teeth and a full arch, your face may look “hollow” which can make you look older than you are. After replacing your missing teeth, an arch will help your mouth (and face) return to normal. Your face muscles will build back up, allowing you to eat and talk better too!

When you decide to get a full arch replacement, one of our dentists will first examine you, take radiographs, and discuss your options. If you go ahead and get a full arch replacement, we will first install implants over your bad teeth, improving your smile. We then, attach the full arch to both your regular teeth and your implants. This entire process may take several visits, though it will be well worth it. It will look completely natural.