Mini Dental Implants: Is It The Right Choice?

Missing teeth significantly impact a person’s well-being. We understand how hard it can be on your confidence, so we want to help you ease into the process by finding the right option to restore your smile.

A common alternative to fix missing teeth, regardless of their cause, are dental implants. They have been the standard treatment for years, but weren’t suitable or accessible for everybody. Thankfully, today, we bring you many innovative alternatives in the form of information and treatments in our dental clinic. Mini dental implants are one of them.

At Seraderian Dental Group, our implantology experts have broken down everything you need to know to assess if mini dental implants are right for you. Learn more about it below!

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants<br />

What Are Mini Dental Implants Used For?

A dental implant acts as a root to replace missing teeth. It consists of a prosthesis implanted in the jaw to hold a crown or bridge and restore the missing pieces. Despite them being effective, some patients with medical conditions like diabetes, connective-tissue disorder, immune deficiencies, and others are not suitable for regular implants.

Still, mini dental implants offer an alternative for these patients. They consist of a single-piece prosthesis with a ball-shaped end which is 2 to 3 mm smaller than regular implants. Mini dental implants are an effective treatment to improve your smile without much intrusion.

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants offer various advantages over dental implants:

  • Less Invasive: Due to the smaller size, mini dental implants won’t cause much stress on the jaw, ideally for patients with the conditions mentioned earlier.
  • Faster: Not only do you wait less for mini dental implants to be placed, and the procedure is much quicker, but also, the healing time is faster as it is less intrusive.

More Comfortable: Discomfort is significantly reduced during the procedure for applying mini dental implants because of their size. They also consist of a single piece vs. two which is the case with regular implants.
Affordable: Mini dental implants are more affordable than regular implants, resulting in a more cost-effective option.

How Much Do Mini Dental Implants Cost?

The cost of mini dental implants is $1,000 on average. This is a fraction of the average cost for regular implants. Prices for mini dental implants can also go lower or slightly higher, but overall, they’re the most budget-friendly option vs. the standard-sized implants.

Are You Applicable For The Treatment?

If you’re looking to fix your smile with mini dental implants, you must consult an expert after making all the previous considerations. Some patients may not be eligible for mini dental implants if they suffer from gum disease, which causes an inadequate vertical bone.

Whatever the case, recuring to an expert for assessment and treatment is the ultimate guarantee to restore your dental health and appeal. Here at Seraderian Dental Group, we have vast experience in restorative dentistry and implant surgery. We are also an All-on-4® and implant overdentures provider.

You can learn more about our innovative implant options here or contact us for personalized assistance today!