“Excellent practice keep up the good work.”

John W. 12/2/16

“Loved it! So glad my boo recommended you guys!”

Stephanie C. 11/30/16

Dr. Seraderian and his staff are wonderful, friendly, and helpful. They have been great to me and I have recommended them to family and friends and will continue.”

Josephine P. 11/23/16

“Thank you for the highest level of professional service.”

Joyce B. 11/2/16

“The dental hygienist, Lorig, is very professional, efficient and friendly at the same time.”

Garineh G. 10/27/16

“Great doctor and staff!”

Raffi K. 9/27/16

“I really appreciated that Stacey was so willing to watch my baby while I got my cleaning. Her help allowed me to actually get my cleaning! Thank you so much!”

Jenny T. 9/22/16

“I am a loyal patient for more than 20 years.”

Gennady A. 9/21/16

“Very enjoyable experience!”

Dan L. 8/15/16

“Excellent , up to date dentistry by highly knowledgeable, skillful, reassuring Dr. Seraderian and staff. From front desk on, this is THE place for dental health. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

Cheryl B. 8/4/16

“Perfect…thank you!”

Lois S. 7/15/16

“Great! So happy we chose your office for our dental needs!”

Olivia B. 6/27/16

“Dr Seraderian and his team are pleasant, professional and efficient in providing excellent service. I have known Dr Seraderian for a long time and one critical item in his success is the knowledge and use of the latest tools and procedures in the industry.”

Edmond D. 6/22/16

“Dr. Crohin has provided top notch care and advice for years.”

Joe R. 6/22/16

“I would highly recommend Dr. Seraderian and the staff to my family, friends and others”

Paul S. 6/21/16

“Hygienist was amazing. She spent a lot of time cleaning and checking my teeth. They look great!”

Cheryl H. 6/14/16

“The Best!”

Lisa D. 6/1/16

“Impeccable service as always! Good to be back after 4 years in Montreal!”

Louis 5/25/16


G. Chen 5/16/16

“Very satisfied with service.”

Robert B. 4/18/16

“Thank you very much for seeing us and taking care of our teeth. My gums still hurt, but my teeth feel clean!”

Anton K. 2/17/16

“I appreciate the warmth and professionalism of everyone in the practice. They were so helpful to accept my Universal Dental Health Plan.”

Janet L. 2/17/16

“Great dentist!! Highly recommend!!!”

Vahe K. 2/2/16

“There could not be a finer dental office nor a better dentist anywhere!”

Joyce B. 1/30/16

“Dr. Seraderian is more than just a doctor. He is someone who you can trust completely and rely on in times of difficulties. He is kind, understanding, and wise. Best dentist out there. Won’t trust my teeth to anyone else.”

Elena K. 1/30/16

“Dr. Seraderian of Seradarian Dental Group and his fantastic staff made my first visit an enjoyable experience. Highly recommend this dentist.”

Dan L. 1/5/16

“Wonderful results!”

Eric A. 12/31/15

“Contacted office over the weekend for a “dental emergency” and promptly responded. Always thoughtful and considerate and available, Dr Seraderian and his staff are top notch! Knowledgeable and offering best advice and dental offerings for his patients.”

Enrico D. 12/28/15

Seradarian Dental Group is simply the best.”

Taline V. 12/1/15

“Always a nice enjoyable visit – thank you.”

Elaine G. 11/23/15

I’ve had dental work done in 5 States and one foreign country but, no dentist has been better than Dr. Crohin professionally or personally.”

Joe R. 11/19/15

“I’ve been going to Seradarian Dental Group for the past 20 years, as always from day one outstanding quality of care and service.”

Garen D. 11/10/15

“I’ve known the doctor for about 18 years. We moved to a different location 15 years ago but we all still come to this office. Any dental problems could be done here and you do not need to find a specialist (root canal or implant). I would definitely recommend.”

Gennady A. 11/9/15

“The best dental office indeed!”

Mike C. 10/29/15

“Always an excellent experience.”

Christie W. 10/7/15

“Best dental office, great dentist, professional and friendly staff . Highly recommended.”

Linda B. 9/24/15

“Alison, Stacey and Dr. Vatche are GREAT.”

Raffi K. 9/5/15

“I am completely satisfied.”

Marie C. 8/26/15

“You guys are amazing!”

Rachel H. 8/26/15

“The best service with a big smile.”

Bassam D. 8/24/15

“I recently went to Seradarian Dental Group to have my wisdom teeth removed, and I could not be more happier with the results and the treatment of the staff. All members of the staff were kind, caring, and easy to get along with and talk to.”

Lucy M. 8/10/15

“Best team ever. Professional. Friendly. Helpful. Accommodating.”

Lisa D. 7/28/15

“The Neova medical grade skin care line is magical. I experienced the GlyPeel and could not have been happier with the results after first time use. I had a nice glow and beautiful complexion. My fresh look lasted for days and I am excited to try more products. Danielle (the Neova rep) was very knowledgeable and shared much information about the line and answered all the questions I had. Being in my early thirties, I value the importance of taking great care of my skin as I love the sun but need to protect my face and with great products I am thrilled to do so with the Neova line. I would highly recommend to anyone!”

Kimberly 5/14/15

“I think they are great. Dr serederian is a wonderful dentist.”

Kaye F. 5/14/15

“Always a great experience visiting my dentist! Love it!”


“Best dental practice in the world. Period.”

Taline V. 5/5/15

“Excellent service…professional staff…perfect combination for medical career!”

Deborah 4/20/15

“We are in good hands with Dr. Seraderian and the staff at Seradarian Dental Group, with thorough care and excellent guidance about oral health.”

Cheryl B. 4/4/15

“Great Dentist! I have recommended Dr. Seraderian to all of my friends and family. I trust his expertise and a visit to his office is always a pleasure. I know that all the work done will be superior, along with his personal interest in the patient.”

Diane F. 3/24/15

“I have been petrified of the dentist for most of my life to the point where I didn’t go to the dentist for 10 years and had two teeth pulled instead of dealing with the issues. I was met with such caring understanding I am no longer afraid of the dentist.”

Tonya S. 3/24/15

“This doctor and his practice is excellent. The office experience (scheduling appointments, checking in) is a breeze and the care (explanations, timeliness, approach) is superb.”

Sharon L. 3/18/15

“I am so glad I joined this practice! Highly recommended!”

Linda B. 3/12/15

“As a dental patient of Dr. Vatche Seraderian and Dr. Anne Wucherpfennig for my root canal, I can say that my visits have always been most satisfying. First and foremost, their work has been professionally excellent and I have been treated most sensitively in all ways.I would recommend them both highly.”

 Dianne R 3/6/15

What a wonderful first impression!! As difficult as it is for me to go to the dentist – I look forward to proceeding with my dental care with Dr. Seraderian and staff.”

Anmarie 3/2/15

“My visits are always very pleasant in every way!”

Dianne 2/2015

“I always have a positive experience at Seradarian Dental Group.”

Jim 1/20/15

“Service has always been courteous, professional, and competent. Consideration for seniors without dental insurance much appreciated.”

Neil 1/2015

“It is always a pleasant experience visiting Dr. Seraderian’s clinic twice a year and knowing that I am under the care of a good dentist and knowledgeable staff that helps me take care of my dental health. Kudos to the excellent services provided.”

Ma B. 12/30/14

“In general, who likes to visit the dentist but it is always fun to visit everyone. Stacey is wonderful, kind & professional. The hygienists are both wonderful & it is always a pleasure to see Dr. Seraderian.”

Evelyn K. 12/22/14

“There are hundreds of dental offices/groups in the Boston area, and not finding the right one can literally bring much pain and anxiety. Seradarian Dental Group has proven to be the right choice for me. Setting themselves apart from other dental practices, large and small, Dr. Seraderian and his team not only deliver clinical expertise, but also offer excellent guidance and explanation for current and long-term dental health. Additionally, the office staff provides exceptional admin support, and simplifies the maze of dental insurance detail and coverage.”

Raymond P. 12/17/14

“Good Morning, I just want to thank you all for such a great experience yesterday, my cleaning was amazing (Alison is a sweetheart), and Dr. Seraderian was great! I have never really liked going to the dentist, but I love coming to see you guys! My boyfriend needs a new dentist and I told him how great you all were. I hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas and a Fantastic New Years!”


“I was very pleased with the efficiency of the staff in scheduling the appointment. The doctor was very helpful and evidenced his attention to detail in treating my dental issues. Thank you for a very pleasant experience.”


“Dr. Vatche Seraderian, the hygienist Alison, and the front-office staff (Stacey) are all wonderful!”

– $1


“Great Dental Office in all aspects!”


“I wish you had more stars to give to doctor and every single one who works there!!!”

– $1


Best dental practice in Boston, and perhaps the world–at least for me! Professional, thorough, warm. Dr.Seraderian and his staff are also very sensitive and experienced in treating the dental phobias of basket cases like me!”


“On-time, friendly, really felt comfortable with all procedures, never feel like I can’t ask questions, … really appreciate taking the time out to get to know me.”

Ty 9/9/14

“The one dentist you won’t mind visiting. The staff is efficient and super-friendly, and the quality of the service — whether a simple cleaning or complicated surgery — is outstanding!”

Vahe 7/17/2014

“Flawless, caring, classy.”

Gerard L. 7/15/2014

“Like the place — excellence in every way.”

Gennady A. 6/11/14

“I have had the pleasure of being a patient for 25 years and while I cannot honestly say I actually enjoy going to the dentist, Dr. Vatche and everyone in the office make it a pleasant visit.”

Martha B. 6/11/14

“I must be going to Seradarian Dental Group for going on 10+ years now. I can easily say Dr. Seraderian and Alison are the best dentist and hygienist I’ve ever had (frankly I stare up at Alison’s face more than Dr. Seraderian’s so she deserves at least equal credit). Teeth cleanings and checkups are very professional, and well done. I’m surprised how many other practices inflict a lot of pain on a patient in this common process almost carelessly; Dr. S and Alison are masters of their craft, taking care to do a great job and not to cause any (unnecessary) discomfort. I also enjoy catching up with them both, it makes the session fly by. While I am usually just in for a checkup, I also have confidence in Dr. S and the staff if I had a bigger dental problem, it’s clear they tackle more advanced cases as well, which is great, I prefer to know the person who’s monkeying with my chompers if a bigger problem pops up. Also, I love the fact that Dr. S embraces technology to make the practice better. From digital X-rays to using lasers and polymers / tooth-like resins (to fill clear and fill small cavities) to email reminders, if it’s a good new use of technology it looks like they try it out. Of course they keep reintroducing me to one particular old technology too — they make the obligatory pitch for me to floss more into a polite reminder rather than a sermon. I have to say the one drawback is they’re all the way out in Belmont (and I am not)! The trek on a weekday is a challenge. However, they do offer evening sessions I think 1x per week (?) and I take advantage of that so that really helps. And then I love that billing / paying and scheduling appointments is a breeze. I’m glad they are such an adept team. So to recap: I love the people, the service, but I wish they were closer to me. I don’t know why anyone would go somewhere else. 10/10, and I never give out 10s. Yes, Dr Seraderian and his team … are a 10. Plus, Dr. S has learned to fly a plane, and gives back to his community (that’s a whole other post). Considering what I do with my free time (I take classes in advanced napping), I think that’s pretty snappy.”

Michael T., 6/5/14

“Always pleasant.”


“Excellent attention!”


“I’ve been going to Seradarian Dental Group for 25 years and every visit has been a pleasure. The quality of dental care is excellent. The staff is invariably courteous and friendly. Doctor Seraderian and his staff maintain a high level of professionalism as well as an engaging interactive style. They keep up with the latest technology and strive for optimum results every time. Dr. Seraderian is exactly what you want in a dentist!”


“Great painless experience.”


“The care was excellent. The professional staff was informative, patient, and positive. Who would have thought that going to the dentist would be a pleasant experience. The staff at Seradarian Dental Group made it that way.”


“I love Seradarian Dental Group and have been going there for YEARS. I can’t imagine going anywhere else. I detest dental work in general, but these guys make it as easy and pleasant, relatively speaking, as possible. They really care.”


“The best!”


“Five star review to Vatche and his excellent staff! Best cosmetic dentist I have ever seen! I cracked my front crown three days before my trip and he had me in and out in a half hour with my wonderful smile back!”


“Outstanding as usual!”


“Convenient, comfortable, comforting, considerate, and courteous.”


“Simply the best!! A great dental experience: friendly and professional staff; personal service to meet your schedule and needs; one-stop specialists, coordinated visits. Couldn’t be better: a dentist who feels like a friend.”


“Always a pleasant experience with the hygienist and doctor. The last office that I went to gave me a crown with a bridge that put stress on the surrounding teeth and it was uncomfortable. I had this replaced by Dr. Seraderian and my mouth feels totally comfortable and I have not had any problems. The dental hygienist also gives me a great cleaning: she does not rush and she enjoys her job.”


“Love the folks at Seradarian Dental Group! Everyone is on their game and makes you feel comfortable. I also appreciate the thoroughness and honesty of what dental work needs to be done and what is not necessary. Their work is so good I recommended them to my fiancé and he has switched to them after being with his former dentist for over 10 years.”

Anita 3/23/14

“I became a patient at Seradarian Dental Group several years ago when my dentist of long standing became too ill to continue his practice. I have been delighted with the expert care I have found in this clean, efficient, “state-of-the-art” dental practice. The staff, one and all, is friendly and accommodating. Appointments are offered at convenient times, including some evening hours. Educating patients about their current dental status and about best practices in preventive self-care is a strength of those dedicated to service delivery. Ample parking is readily available in Belmont Center. Appointments are kept on schedule with barely enough time to open a magazine. Without hesitation, I would recommend Seradarian Dental Group to anyone who places a high value on quality dental care and something to smile about!”

Ruth 3/21/2014

“Best dentist!”


“Always a pleasure to go to Seradarian Dental Group and Dr. Seraderian. The staff is friendly, appointments are on time, and always, the patient’s needs are thoroughly addressed. I couldn’t be more pleased! I am a long-time patient of Dr. Seraderian’s … and couldn’t be more pleased. From cleanings to the cosmetic dentistry I’ve needed, I couldn’t be more pleased!”

Dr. Carolann N. 3/13/14

“Dr. Seraderian is very friendly, the entire staff is friendly, they’re accommodating, very thorough in explaining whatever work he is doing, he makes recommendations. They take you in if there’s an emergency. They try to fit you in even if it’s not an emergency. He cares about his patients, my father-in-law goes to him and he’s asking about my father-in-law one day and how he’s feeling. It’s a very nice office. I’ve been going to them for years.”


“The doctor is capable, the treatment was painless, and everyone was courteous.”


“From start to finish, everything was great.”

Anonymous 2/2014

“I find my treatment to be great, gentle, considerate, and professional.”

Anonymous 1/29/14

“Seradarian Dental Group was recommended to me after a NIGHTMARE of an experience at another dental practice. Seradarian Dental Group is by far the best dental group I’ve ever been to.

– $1

A little background: my previous dentist told me that I needed crowns/veneers on four teeth. Not knowing much about the procedure, I decided to go ahead and get it over with. In reality I probably could’ve waited a few years.

– $1

“A month later, I showed up at Seradarian Dental Group a complete wreck. I had a VERY bad experience at the other place and my anxiety was through the roof. I thought my smile would be messed up for life. The doctors at BDE (specifically Dr. Olga) took me in immediately and delivered amazing results. They really go above and beyond to serve their clients (emergency / after-hour appointments, detailed work, friendly atmosphere, etc). As long as I’m in the area, I will never go anywhere else.”

Cristina V. 1/28/14

“As always, my dental hygienist Alison was fantastic. She has made such a difference in my daily dental hygiene routine, always providing great tips and motivation. She is highly personable as well, which makes each visit a true pleasure. Dr. Seraderian is an excellent and honest practitioner. I trust his judgment completely when it comes to my dental concerns.”

Anonymous 1/13/14

As always, from the moment you arrive until you leave, you feel like you are the most important patient at Seradarian Dental Group. The team is incredibly personal and friendly. Dr. Seraderian makes you feel very comfortable and most important, he cares. He goes above and beyond any other dentist I have visited.”

Anonymous 1/5/14

“Nice office, great staff, confidence-inspiring dentist.”

Anonymous 11/6/13

“The whole team at Belmont Dental were fantastic. Dr. Seraderian and his staff handled my visit with care, friendliness, and insight. It was a great experience and I would recommend them to anyone!”

Arto P. 08/23/13

“My family all come to Seradarian Dental Group and say great things!”

Anonymous 12/10/13

“I will be recommending this dentist to all my family and friends. I usually dread going to the dentist, but not anymore. The visit was very pleasant and everything was explained in detail.”

Judy K. 10/11/13

“Dr. Seraderian is the best thing that ever happened to me. He is smart and kind, but most importantly honest. My smile looks beautiful and my teeth have never been so healthy.”

Anonymous 10/9/13

“Personal service at its best. Dr. Seraderian and his staff take those extra steps to make sure you feel comfortable, understand, and explain your options.”

Vahe K. 10/02/13

“I cannot believe how PERFECT Seradarian Dental Group really is. The entire team from reception to treatment to check-out cannot be beat in customer service and attention to detail. They are the consummate professionals in every aspect of the practice. It is a delight to go there for my dental care.”

Anonymous 9/26/2013

“I have been going to Dr. Seraderian for years and I have had an a pleasant experience every time I go. He is very gentle and honest and very experienced.”

Anonymous 9/10/2013

“I had the most thorough dental cleaning ever yesterday, and yet my gums are not one bit sore today. Highly recommend”

Alison 9/10/13

“Friendly, courteous, meticulous, professional, painless.”

Gerard L. 08/29/13

“Highly recommended. They have consistently provided excellent dental service to our family.”

Arina G. 06/21/13

“Dr. Crohin is absolutely tops in every regard.”

Eric A. 06/20/13

“I can hardly believe I’m writing this. For years I was scared to death of the dentist. The thought of getting a filling was sheer terror. I can’t say that I exactly look forward to it now, but all of that anxiety I used to experience is gone. I had a filling on this visit. Dr. Seraderian gave me plenty of Novocain. He was very concerned that I have enough, so I wouldn’t feel any pain. He waited with me while my mouth went numb. Through the whole procedure he continually checked in with me to make sure I was doing OK and wasn’t in any discomfort. I wasn’t. I didn’t feel a thing, really. When they say that the atmosphere of an office starts with its boss and is reflected in the people that work there, that certainly applies here. Every person at BDE is friendly, warm, and just a pleasure to deal with. Can going to the dentist be fun? It can definitely be a pleasant experience.”

Clare G. 05/23/13

“I had an excellent visit as always! And Allison is the best hygienist and nicest person, really, I mean it, honestly, no kidding! Me and my teeth are very much at home with you and we trust Dr. Seraderian and the whole office staff with our care. THANKS!”

Douglas S. 05/16/13

“Dr. Seraderian has taken care of my teeth for 10 years. For the last 7 years I’ve traveled almost 30 miles because when you find the right DMD to take care of your teeth, you go the distance. You get everything from soup to nuts at this office. Friendly staff, great servIce. What more can you ask for?”

Stacie C. 05/09/13

“I’ve been coming to Seradarian Dental Group for years, and expect excellent service. I’ve never been disappointed. Have recommended many people to the practice, who have also recommended many people. We get together and rave about Dr. Seraderian and his staff. It is that exceptional.”

Veena S. 05/07/13

“The office was friendly, efficient, and warm. It was the best tooth cleaning I’ve had. The equipment was all up-to-the-moment technology. Dr. Seraderian is the best dentist I’ve ever had.”

Vita G. 04/13/13

“If I could give Dr. Seraderian more stars I would. He and his staff treated me like I was a member of their family. I felt very comfortable from the moment I entered the office. Dr. Seraderian took his time and made sure that the work he did on me met his standards. I will never go to another dentist. Belmont Dental is the best!!”

Tamatha M. 02/07/13

“Dr. Seraderian is a great dental provider. He has an excellent chairside manner and is extremely confident in the care he provides. He does incredible work. I am usually very tense in the chair as I was the first time I saw him; after he gave me the Novocaine with only a slight pinch I began to relax; I never imagined ever being able to fall asleep while having dental work done, however I was woken up when he was done with my cavities. He is very accommodating with scheduling and payment arrangements. He also works at International Place Dental Associates in Boston, which is more convenient for me. His hygiene staff are also great at what they do. I would recommend him to anyone phobic, picky, and on a budget. He is all-around a great dentist. I am so glad I found him!!”

S. W.

“Wow, for over 20 years I have been a patient of Dr. Seraderian’s! His genuine, honest, and kind personality make me continue to trust him as my dentist. I am a perfectionist and so is he. His office is accommodating when making appointments.”

Deb D.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Seraderian for several years and have been very satisfied. He has always made me feel at ease and comfortable. I am one of several members of my family that are satisfied patients of Dr. Seraderian. Should you be looking for a professional dentist, I highly suggest you contact him.”

Jim C.

“Dr. Seraderian is a skilled professional who takes great care to accommodate his dental patients — young and old(er). He has provided expert dental services to me and my family for ten years. Whether for aesthetics or routine dental work, he provides the latest technology with keen expertise, compassion, and sensitivity (especially to those of us who used to have a fear of going to the dentist).”


“I would recommend Dr. Seraderian without hesitation, He is by far the best dentist I have ever had. His expert knowledge and confidence are second to none and he makes patients feel comfortable while providing excellent dental work. As the saying goes … ‘You are in good hands with Dr. Seraderian.’ ”

Jack B.

“Dr. Seraderian is top notch. After one visit he remembered me and was never pushy. Most dentists I’ve been to give me the riot act in regards to flossing and type of toothpaste & toothbrush I use, etc. But he simply said ‘try to floss, even though I understand it’s not likely.’ I came back to have three fillings done, and when I told him I don’t like needles all that much, he said we could start out with no novocaine and see how it goes from there. About every two minutes or so, or with every wince of the face, he’d check to see how I was doing and make sure I was okay. (I somehow made it through the entire session with no novocaine.)”

Mike H.