Coming of age can be followed by many changes, one of them being the appearance of wisdom teeth. This additional set of molars only appears in your teenage years or early twenties. Once the first signs of growth show up, you may have heard you’ll require the removal of wisdom teeth. Removal of wisdom tooth is indispensable to avoid jeopardizing your oral health due to the following issues:

  • Misalignment 
  • Orthodontic issues
  • Difficulty with teeth cleaning and promoting cavities and infections
  • Damage to the nerves and jawbone
  • Risk of an impacted wisdom teeth

What are the common symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth?

Most people complain of pain and swelling of the gums right above the impaction; this can be due to infection or tension from the teeth hitting each other. Another less obvious symptom of an impacted wisdom tooth is bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth from infection and debris buildup.

Some people don’t realize they have a problem until they have pus coming from their gums. You may also have soreness, tenderness, or pain when eating and talking. Some people even complain of an earache.

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We strive for you to smile with confidence again. We emphasize the importance of caring for your mouth and teeth after a dental extraction. Here are our dentist-approved recommendations:

  • It will help if you avoid: smoking, drinking through a straw, and eating foods that can aggravate the area.
  • Be patient: Your gums will heal, but they need enough time to do so. Allow enough time to pass for your gums to heal.
  • Hygiene: Don’t clean the teeth close to the extraction. With the rest of your teeth, you can clean like you regularly do.
  •  Complications: If you happen to experience any, you can call us right away to prevent any harm.

Seraderian Dental Group offers immediate solutions that can lessen any tooth inconvenience. Still, you have to address the situation right away. Make your consultations today!